Whose Fault Is It?

As human beings, we tend to follow rather than lead. We think that the majority is always right when in fact, it might be mistaken sometimes. Our vast skill of observation then turns the scene upside down, making the forbidden become the desired and the centre of attention.

In a conversation with my sister, she was concerned about her friend’s new behavior but blamed it on the other friend in the picture, alas, the bad one. The subject intrigued my thoughts. Why is it the bad friend’s fault? Is it always supposed to be like this? As in blame others for certain individual mistakes?

If the influence is a huge one, then the influenced person should be the one to blame, right? Our minds control our actions even if not all of them. A person must draw a line between what’s right and wrong before getting himself in trouble.

When we were kids, we only did what the people surrounding us did, thinking it was the right thing to do or because it seemed cool that everyone is doing it so why not me? Although later on, our brain starts to be realistic and analyzes things through. While on the other hand, we are trapped in an endless battle within ourselves trying to differentiate between bad or good, right or wrong, useful or harmful…

With the media coverage on various aspects of our current life, we see a lot of parents putting the blame on TV, Internet or other means of media, when they could easily control and advice what their children watch or hear. That being said, the child then starts to build up on the foundation his parents provided, making him aware of the consequences.

Remember, we are the only ones in control of our thoughts and actions and hence, should take full responsibility when things take a U-turn.

[Article's Publishing Date: April 14, 2010 ~ Oman Observer]


Squinty said...

It is true what you have stated there. We tend to copy people around us when we are young thinking it is what we should do.

Seeing my family, boys, talking about girls, cars and football most of the time didn't make me feel like doing the same thing since I never have had that much interest in it. They started saying how I should be a "man" and do what they do. We have minds to think for ourselves and do the RIGHT things our way.

You can't blame anyone, even if he/she influenced you. If you do, it means you were weak to begin with to stand up for your own beliefs.

If you have a young child and he/she is watching TV, using the internet or saw something and started copying it THEN you can blame it on the reason(s) stated. Other than that, I think everyone should look at themselves before pointing fingers on who to blame.

Kitten said...

Just be yourself and don't go with the flow, that's all.

Rohini said...

This is mostly true and we should not allow ourselves to get influences by any Tom,Dick & HArri. We must be ourselves!

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