[Game Review] Guitar Hero III

When I first tried it, my young brothers kept laughing at how clueless I was and thought that I'd never master it but good news; I did, eventually.

I mentioned this before, and here it is again: I'm not a hard core gamer and if I get stuck in a level I'd leave it at that, but with Guitar Hero, you'd have to keep going. For one, the song finishes if the arrow of the rock meter deflects to the left. The song get stuck in your head and you have to keep going to hit the right tunes this time and listen to the rest of it. This what kept me going.

Starting out with the Quick Play option can be good if you're looking forward to practice the many songs on the list. You can then click on Tutorials to get the hang of things, and when you do, starting a new Career with the aim of scoring high hits is right thing to do.

The song 'One' by Metallica was hard for me at first as it had double tunes at the same time. Practice made my fingers adapt to the beats and keep working with the flow of the song. Now, my highest rank in it is 92% but I'm getting there in no time. Click here to find out the list of songs featured in Guitar Hero III.

After practicing for so long on the Quick Play option, I now started a career of my own with Judy Nails. There are other great guitarists like Slash, Tom Morello, etc.

There's the Multi player mode as well and that would mean the second player wouldn't get the chance to play on this cool guitar;

The Wii remote control should be placed inside it (as you can see on the picture above) and the 2nd player will only play with the control. It's fun to compete, but I'd like to finish off my career then head for a live competition with my mocking siblings, just for the heck of it.

My rating: 9/10.

Have you ever played it? And which version of Guitar Hero do you like best? To me, Aerosmith's animation doesn't stand a chance near Legends of Rock.


Firyal said...

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Lonely said...

I'm not a gamer but I like the Wii <3
I think I'll try this this summer, you made me really curious hehe

Anonymous said...

ooh i never played it on wii, but i got it for iphone im just about addicted :P haha