Not Going Back

I've been counting down the days till the weekend so I could come back home. Tuesday and Wednesday were the toughest days I've gone through ever since I started teaching. I don't know why have I chosen to do this in the first place. Sure it seemed nice and wow at first, but now, it's just the opposite of all this.

Being with kids and teaching them is enjoyable, of course. But as fun as it may's also tiring. Very tiring, to the extent that I want to quit. No one seems to grasp this idea as they think I wouldn't dare to do it. Well, stay back and watch me.

What's worse is that my boss is no one other than my favourite aunt. She started this summer school at her own house and staying there on weekdays were part of my commitment. I wholly agreed on teaching the 14 to 17 years old students at the afternoon and the morning lessons of 4-13 years old weren't part of the deal at the beginning.

I agreed because the job was thrown on me and I couldn't do anything about it. I thought I could handle myself but I cannot anymore. 4-9 years old kids were packed up in one class and I had to put up with their noise and the older students complaints..

While the lesson of 10-13 years old were a mixture of different levels of understanding and having to prepare various activities each day was a drag I had to go through for 10 days and that was that.

Coming back home this weekend with the intention of not going back to that hell-hole ever again. Although it's not that easy given the fact that I already started. Praying to get out of this trouble in no time and resume enjoying my summer in the real sense of the word.


Anonymous said... dad is the imam. omg omg omg. i somehow got wormed into teaching a bunch of brats every sunday and thennnn to make things worse they decided they wanted girl classes everyday after school so they came a marching over to my house withotu me knowing and expected class. finally i blew up and said i'm pregnant and married and this isn't fair. I'm not the local free babysitter. I dont mind sundays but everyday for an hour at my house is far too much, considering i'm not getting paid. LOL u should quit if u dont like it.

Unknown said...

I wish you all the best Kitten. I know how hard it can be and hope you either leave or it gets easier for you.

Whatever you think of doing, think it over before deciding.

Maryam said...

Anya: I know what's that like.

Squinty: I surely will.

Hopeless Poet said...

I wish you a smooth and easy resignation :D

It is very hard or almost impossible to teach both teenagers and kids in the same time!