World Cup Craze

And so the craze began about 12 days ago. WC is the most important event world wide. It brings all nations together cheering for the team they love best.

What I personally love the most about the World Cup is that it brings the family together. Packs us all in a cozy living room with our eyes fixated on that screen, following the ball going right and left.

Spending last weekend with my family meant gathering around at the living room three times a day, watching each game, no matter how unimportant it is.

So far, this WC was full of surprises, and I can say that it'll still be the same way. France losing against Mexico, Germany losing against Serbia, England and Algeria match ending in a tie.

As many cards were given on Germany Vs. Serbia match, I don't think that the ones given to Klose were really necessary. Other than that, 8 yellow cards & 1 red card is a record. The referee must love his job so much. To this point, I think you've guessed which team I'm cheering for: Germany. Micheal Ballack will not be playing as he's been injured in his last match with Chelsea and now, my other favourite player, Klose won't be, too.

Today's results are even more surprising. France got kicked out and USA scored at the last few minutes, kicking Algeria out and Slovenia while getting into the next round along with England.

Surprises..surprises! Let's wait for more!

Which team are you cheering for?


Rei said...

hehe honestly i never liked football :p
but i find it interesting to watch ... i still like Japan 0.0

iko nippon XD (go japan in japanese :p)

RandomlyMoey said...

I support Germany too ;D
But, Klose continued to play , It was just Ballack who couldn't play.

Kitten said...

^ Yeah. We got third place, better than nothing.