Cyclone Phet Damages

I just came back home and had to cross a wadi to do so. Our house, which had been badly damaged during Gonu seems alright now and water haven't entered this time. Such a relief. Fortunately for us, the storm's category reduced to 1 and changed its course again, leaving the Omani coasts with heavy winds and rains.

Masirah, Sur, Jalan and Ras Alhad are flooded literally. Thankfully, the residents have been informed earlier and have gone to safer places.

So, all in all, the storm headed to Pakistani coasts yesterday evening and some parts of Oman are flooded and wadis are still flowing. 8 death cases have been registered so far. May they all rest in peace.

Muscat is very bright and sunny today which makes it all the more harder to believe that it had been hit by Phet cyclone yesterday (except of the wadis)