Hoping Beyond Hope...

By now, we're all aware of what's coming. Surprisingly enough, Oman TV paid attention to this at the last minutes and if it did earlier, during the day, it didn't exactly make a huge fuss out of it. It's sad to see this given that that was what happened when Cyclone Gonu struck Oman nearly 3 years ago.

Cyclone Phet (Meaning; A diamond in Thai) have changed its course and id expected to hit the coastal areas of Oman, probably Sur, Ras Al Had and Masirah (which have been evacuated earlier). Let's just hope it's not going to be as bad as Gonu, because we've been through literal hell during and after it. Allah yester.


Anonymous said...

ukh..inshalah everyone will be ok there!


Squinty said...

I really think we have nothing to fear as much.

We have been through worse in cyclone Guno since we didn't know what to do before and it actually came to Oman strong. Now, the cyclone is weaker (reading from Sources all over the internet) I am sure we don't have much to fear.

Plus, even if it came hard and things would go bad. Why does everyone make a big deal out of it? Allah will take care of us. I believe we should do our best and the rest is up to Allah.