Or..You know What?

I thought about quitting teaching over and over but then decided to get it over with since I agreed to start. As from today, I'd be heading to Al-Seeb at 6 AM and coming back at 6 PM when the older group's lesson finishes.

This way, I won't be feeling homesick and the pressure of work somehow decreases after seeing my family and getting to spend some quality time by watching the World Cup games. When I reached school today morning, I remembered how frustrated and angry I was last Wednesday.

My parents talked me into it and after thinking about it, I realized I had to stick to my word and to never hold any responsibilities that I'm not capable of handling, straight from the beginning itself.

Another thing that kind of pushed me forward is that my cousin will be helping me. She'll be taking if not all, some responsibilities off my shoulders. Being with the kids again enlightened me as to why I really wanted this job.

Note: This is my 100th blog post.


Anonymous said...

aww i geuss thats a good choice!!


Moi said...

I'm glad you decided to keep on :) Your family is right. Not everytime you reach an obstacle, should you avoid it. I'm really happy for you!

Booth said...

Always know what your getting yourself into, it all comes good fenehaya.
Congrats on reaching 100!!!