Goodbye IGCSE, Hello Summer

I can officially and finally say that I'm done with IGCSE, finals and most importantly, school! As usual, I had already preplanned how to spend summer break and I'll be sharing any updates with you soon.

Going through IGCSE used to be something that I've feared and anticipated for the past 2 years seeing as how this is an important part of my academic studies. And, it gives me great pleasure to say that there won't be any international examinations to go through again now that I finished IGCSE. Of course, as for the other private schools, there's the IB and AS level to take after IG but our school, fortunately for me, doesn't provide this. Instead, we'll be taking the Government's Bilingual system next year, which is based on Edxcell's syllabus (they haven't gone too far, have they?)

I hope I can accomplish, if not all, most of my plans on the to-do list. Both teaching and writing for Oman Observer at the same time are one of them...but I'm still struggling on multi-tasking. Funny how we assume that summer starts when school finishes only, when in fact, summer in Oman have started since March around here.

*Some of you, fellow readers, have been asking me to update this place regularly, but that just clashes with my summer plans... so I can't make any promises.

Leaving you with a brilliant piece of It's Your Day by Yiruma, because today is MY day! ;)


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Salima Al Masrouri said...

Congratulations Kitten.
Enjoy your summer holidays! I'm almost done with my plan knowing that am not gonna have a single day off!

Assim said...

Congratulations Kitten, I wish you all the best with teaching and writing for Oman Observer.