A Small Gesture

"Day 3
June, 2nd"

Today was the third day; we kicked off with revising the letter A & B and how to write the letter C. As a fun activity, I scattered around letters’ cards and asked them to find a specific letter. They all took it as a challenge and competed with each other to impress me.

Another thing I have to get used to along with being called Ms. is to always keep a smile on my face even if I loses the hope. As I said, I didn’t sign up for teaching kids originally and when I did, I didn’t exactly realize how hard it is going to be. But, I know that the outcome is far important than the process it self. Being positive is a bonus in this job.

By time, I’ll keep up and they’ll do too. I’m utterly happy that they’re having a great time in class which is why their parents look around for this new English teacher to tell her how much their kids mention her. They keep repeating the word ‘7abooba’ (lovable) When in fact, it’s fortunate that they’re only kids.

I was checking the student’s notebooks and that's when this cute girl comes to me and hands me a stuffed bunny carrying a tiny heart. She said, almost soundlessly, ‘hathi elhadiyah 7alish Ms.’ This little gesture brought tears to my eyes and I held her in a warm hug.

It is when I realized that being who you are matters more than what you teach.


Squinty said...

Do you love kids now? =)

These moments is what makes teaching fun and nice.

Mochness said...
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