[Book Review] Who Moved My Cheese?

An entertaining yet simple story that reveals the profound truth about change. The story talks about four characters making their way through the Maze in search for Cheese.

The four characters have different ways in finding Cheese and when it was no longer there, they showed different attitudes towards it, the same as human beings attitude towards change. The author choose the imaginary characters based on parts of all of us.

::The Mice::

Sniff: Who sniffs out change early.
Scurry: Who scurries into action.

::The Little People::

Hem: Who denies and resists change as he fears it lead to something else.
Haw: Who learns to adapt in time when he see changing can lead to something better.

Every day, the four characters enter the maze and face various obstacles in an attempt of reaching their final goal that is finding Cheese. On the their way, they find a limited amount of Cheese that satisfied their needs for the day, but when they finally discover the endless supply of it in Cheese Station C things begin to take a new course when they took the current situation for granted.

One day, the cheese disappears and the Mice immediately take action, while the Little People, Hem and Haw complains about it. It is then that Haw realizes the silliness of their action and makes a move; meanwhile Hem refuses to accept the fact and move on.

Haw brings about a fascinating approach of dealing with change and scribble down motivational sayings on the wall of the Maze.

It takes about less than an hour to enjoy and grasp the content of this book. A well written, simple and informative master piece that benefited a great deal of people (be it in their daily life or in the business world).

A movie was produced based on this book too;