Shattered Hope [Finale]

Something so important that he could not text it…

Curiosity crept its way through me, making the wait unbearable. I never wished for anything so badly as much as I wished for owning some sort of magical ability of reading minds at these pregnant seconds.

'Hello' his deep voice echoed through my ears when I picked up the phone immediately after the first ring. It showed how desperate I am and I could not care less about it.

'Hey, what is it?' a yet clear demonstration of my anxiety though there are other thoughts that raced their way to my mind, taking control of all my senses.

'I…' He could not hide his hesitation either, and the doubts I had moments ago became crystal clear in front of me. 'I want you to be honest with me…do you really remember me from school?'

'Yes, I do' I answered, blindly.

'I know it was ages ago, as I also know that this might sound ridiculous but I do not give a damn…' he said it so fast that it sounded as though he was struggling for air, 'is there anything you want to tell me?'

'What!' I could not form the words or take control of anything that my mouth uttered, 'I mean, no, you said you had something to say', even though I was clearly stalling and lying, I hoped I was not that transparent and at the same time I reminded myself of how bad of a liar I was.

'Maria,' he breathed into the phone, sounding frustrated and I hated it. 'I know what I said…But, you did not answer my question yet' I could predict how his face might have looked like; eyebrows ceased, looking more curious than hopeless.

I sighed heavily, leaving him hanging in there and said after few seconds, 'yes, and it is not of highly importance than what you are going to say'.

He weighed his chances then said, 'I doubt it. Go on, I'm listening'.

'Just say it'.

'Okay,' he made up his mind and I was stupid enough to continue the conversation. 'You know back at school, I had a crush on you,'

Mohammed had a crush on me! ME!

'And... 'He wanted to finish, but I saved him only to realize that I've pushed myself into further troubles, 'I did too'.

Why, Maria, why!

My mouth acted before my brain, 'We were teenagers back then, Mohammed'.

'Ha-ha' he let out a nervous laughter and I joined him, and for a couple of seconds, it was just me and him on our own, laughing at our haunting past.

'When I first met you,' Mohammed said and my brain stopped functioning, 'Those feelings' he was finding the right words, 'sort of…came back'.

The world suddenly dissolved, containing me within it. Salty water streamed down my eyes and it was then that I knew I was crying. I walked to my room and hid beneath the duvet, not caring whether he was waiting for a reply or not.

I was speechless.

'Maria,' he said, and I opened my eyes and ears ready to hear what he had to say because I did not have what it took to reply.

'Aren't you going to say anything?' I had kept him waiting for one solid minute but
what do I have to say?

'Listen', he continued, 'I don't expect you to have the same feelings. Just say something'.

'No, you listen to me!' I sobbed. It was the first time in my entire life to cry in the presence of someone other than my own self.

'You cannot just come up and say that!'

Why am I being so defensive?

'What we had before was nothing, and that was when you thought I was nothing'. I sobbed even harder, 'Were you even aware of my existence?'

'Please…' he pleaded, 'do not cry'.

'You cannot tell me what I am supposed to do' I snapped back.

'I'm not supposed to, yes, but I cannot bear the fact that you are crying because of me. I am not worthy of you....' he trailed on.

'I had a crush on you for four years', I said out of the blue, 'I do not expect you to know that'.

'I did too, Maria, I really did,' He confessed, 'but you had made sure that none knew any means of contacting you. How did you expect me to get to know you?'

He wanted to say something. I could not wait any more, 'Yes…' I urged him.

'And…' he said finally, 'and now that I did, I want us to start over'

'Mohammed, we were teenagers and I do not think that
that was anything. It was just a crush' I said, wiping away my tears and sounding serious.

'You said it. I do not know about you, but there were some feelings left for me, and when I saw you again, I fell in love with you'.

This is not fantasy, wake up: He loves you.

'I love you, Maria', he finished, and my head spun around.

'Please tell me what I want to hear,' He pleaded again, 'Please…'

'Stop' I said it to the world, to myself, and to Mohammed, because I wanted things to be right when I said this, 'I have always loved you'.

'But,' I was not done yet, 'There are no second chances in love. Thanks for everything, Mohammed'


And that was the last time I ever talked to him again.

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A/N: A friend of mine was surprised that I had actually included some sort of romance in a story, as she thinks that I don't 'believe' in this kind of things.

To make it clear for all of you, as every other piece of writings I've written, a dream inspired me to write this one too. The characters were all there and their emotions were portrayed, which made it rather easier for me to scribble them down and add a bit of my own take on it.

Thanks to everyone who followed Maria's story, and as you have read, she did not believe in second chances in love just as I don't like happy endings.

P.S I had lots of fun writing it; insisting on staying at my cousin's place because that's where ideas hit me, waking up at 2 AM to note the first few lines of every chapter, finding the right black-and-white pictures, not to mention, the constant excitement of wanting to know what would happen at the end, because Mohammed did seem to be a nice guy, don't you girls agree?


just_simple said...

u know,,i really can't hide my surprise from this ending!!! it seems very..abrupt!!unexpected!!like some pieces are missing:-S!!
Mohammed seems really a nice guy nd Maria is so into him..he didnt knw abt the past 4 years nd he wants to start over...she didnt give him any chance even after knowing that he was in love wth her too!!! why being so cruel to both of them:(?? *sigh* as i told a complete opposite and i love happy endings..
but i really like the way you write mashallah,,it just makes me wana know what happens next:)

keep it up Kitten:)

Maria said...

The story was realy interesting but I found it very short. I felt like I expected the ending or something is missing. The events were really quick maybe if it was longer with a bit more happenings. Nevertheless, I really enjoyed reading the story looking forward for other stories to read :D
I found Mohammed's character to be nice but in the same time a bit weird he doesn't have that manly personality yet sounds educated maybe thats what I liked the fact that its not like any other story!

Good job kitten :)

Anonymous said...

Hi there,

I don't know how i didn't know about your blog before!
I just started following at the beginning of this series, and i must say you caught me fully. I was thinking of the characters and how long would the series last. I loved Mohammed more than Maria, There must be something wrong with her. She was totally unfair as he never knew of the first chance. nonetheless. Thanks a lot for the good, lovely and wonderful script.

Kitten said...

Just Simple: Yes, there are some missing parts here and there but I decided to get it over with already and ruin the whole thing for both of them.

Maria: It was short, I agree. I wasn't really intending on extending the story more than one part, but you've seen how it went. I was in a rush of ending it, so why would I add more details if I know that in the end they won't be together? :P

Amna: Thanks for both following and commenting, I appreciate it. Maria was a total jerk, she was all over him but when he confessed his love to her, she pushed him away. I guess that's what she tends to do all her life; push the people who love her in return.

Nabsj said...

The ending is so unexpected, loved it. Eventhough, I think it would have been more interesting if the story was a bit longer 3shan to know the characters more.

Rummy said...

Unexpected unexpected *screams*
If you added a fifth part to it though, I mean before the ending. If it was a tad bit longer but overall me likes it =D

lujaina said...

I can see your short story collection in a published book, it is well written, and definitely a page-turner ;).

Keep it up,

Kitten said...

Lujaina: Thanks for stopping by and your words mean a lot to me. :)

Khadija Al-Madailwi said...

hiii kitten ,
I really like your writing style ,,, your story is deep & emotional ...

wish U all the best sis
am waiting on fire to read your next 1

p.s : I`ll be glad if you pass by new blog ;)

kitty said...

hi 2 all :)

i'm in a bit of a shock right now i dont not how this came to b, what happened all of a sudden? like i said im kinda shocked right now

i hav alot to ask and say but i kinda .. can't talk .. right now. one very important thing i must say first is that ur story was great (no jk)

wow! when it comes to surprises im not so ready

p.s. don't worry this is just me i tend to overreact alot ... what can i say im just too weird (u proably think im crazy)

Kitten said...

Khadija: Appreciated.

Kitty: Ask anything you want, I'm ready to answer. Thanks for reading, I've written other stories as well, don't forget to check them out. Would love to hear your thoughts.