Happy May 16th

It amazes me how I've made it all the way to where I am now throughout the years: All the hardships, sorrow, depression, happiness and success brought me to this point in life. Definitely, I grew up by the second, more in the mentality sense.

I've understood how to look at things from different perspectives, how it's alright to have first impressions on things while knowing they're not entirely true, how to overlook others' mistakes for I have my own to deal with, how to deal with my sudden outbursts by taking timeouts instead of taking it all out on my closest people. I've learned to get on with the fact that many would not like my honesty and that it's okay not to speak my mind if I wasn't asked to. I've concluded a lot of observations that may or may not be exactly accurate but I've realised that as long as I'm not going with the flow, I am alright. I also grasped the meaning of 'standing out of the crowd', it's not by what you plan to do but by what you've accomplished so far.

I've been lucky and fortunate enough to have great chances and to have my own column and to this day, I think it's all fantasy.. For it's hardly unbelievable that I get to write for a wider range of people. Not only that but I've been receiving some interesting e-mails from my readers (You know who you are) and since I'll be starting the Omani Book Mania soon, I'm exceptionally overwhelmed by the amazing support I got from my online friends (Again, you know who you are)

Last but not the least, I honestly believe that each person leaves a mark on your life, no matter how small it is but it's only the more visible one that stays with you in the long run.

Happy May 16th, and happy birthday to me.


Omani Princess (not Omani...yet) said...

Somehow I can't imagine you being one who is depressed;)

Congrats on your column btw. I am usually a silent lurker but have been meaning to say that.

Anonymous said...

Oh - Happy Birthday - and I wish you a great next year

Maryam said...

Omani Princess: Keep lurking and commenting once in a while, thank you :)
YnotOman: thanks.

Noor said...

Happy birthday!!!
Well, you're pretty awesome so you deserve the best. Plus having a column at such an early age only says what a great writer you'll become in the future.. ;)
My best.

sheeshany said...

happy b-day :)

directed here thru rami`s blog

Maryam said...

Noor: Thank you really.
Haitham: Thanks, you're welcome to comment anytime :)

Ameena said...

Congratulations on your column. You are a fantastic writer so I'm really not surprised that someone is paying you to write! You deserve it my friend.

And happy, happy birthday to you! I hope you had a fabulous one yesterday!

Maryam said...

Ameena: I'm incredibly flattered, I hope you get to publish your own novel someday and even send me a signed copy :P Thank you, yesterday was fun.