180 Degrees

As you've already noticed, my latest post wasn't one of the typical posts I'm used to publish here and that's partly because I wasn't sure of MY own take on things. I didnt dare or have the guts to write down what I'm going through, afraid of admitting it more to myself than to anyone else. Clearly, I bursted my own bubble when I wrote the previous post and had the courage to write many others which will be published in the upcoming days. 

That's when the 'personal' factor set in. I thought of changing my blog's settings to "private" then decided against it. I don't want to select a few of you to read MY crazy mind thus I give YOU that option of whether you'd want to read more into my personal thoughts and issues. Maybe you could help me. Maybe you'd find that we share the same kind of perspectives or even misconception of things. 

I wouldn't consider it as disclosing my personal problems to the public because I know we all have ones so why would anyone care about reading mine? On the contrary, it'd be more of a journey through life's tough challenges which I'll speak about freely, adding personal experiences and opinionated takes on certain aspects.

Reason why I'm doing this is because I'm straight out honest in my conversations with others in real life, I'm not afraid to tell you what I really think of you in front your face and I ought to do the same here. I hated the fact that I kept speaking in most of my posts in a general, formal manner. I have my column for that. But this, I decided, is my space. I can rant and rave all I want without feeling the slightest bit of guilt for boring my readers because you know, you can click the "x" button whenever you want. 

Also, I'll work on changing the blog's theme, description and most importantly, the title. I don't hallucinate, I speak of real and logical topics. 

So fasten your seat-belts, or rather let go of them if you don't feel comfortable enough to go on about reading my blog and let the journey begin.. 


Unknown said...

Good luck on the change.

I think being formal for a long time here made you get that column, so it was worth it! =) I still do hope you would write some stories from time to time though, we all love that!

Hope you you personal experiences affect others in a positive way and makes them better.

Maryam said...

Squinty: Writing stories are one of the few things I'll never give up on. InshAllah I'll stick to my promise and update Hiatus lane. Thanks.