Bigger Than Just "Us"

I was in such a depressing mood last night that I downloaded Tumblr and started re-blogging inspirational pictures and quotes. I called my page "What inspires me" but that's not what this post is all about.

I was frustrated from many things and I started to waste my time by looking at these photos and sayings. When I typed in "Palestine" in the browse section, my eyes fell upon a most horrific sight. I immediately hit the 'Home' button but a single second was all it took for me to break down in tears. The picture was like nothing I've seen before, it stuck into my head from that one glimpse and I could describe its every detail : a dead little girl was wrapped in a Palestinian flag, her eyes wide open and she was laying in an opened coffin. Little girls, no older than 8 years old, were around her too and one of those in the front was crying, one looked liked she was screaming for help, desperate. Another had a surprised and scared impression on her face. I did not cry because it was hard for me to see all of these emotions packed in one shot, no, my reason was far more important than this. It was because these young innocent girls were subjected to such sights. I might have experienced just a second or two of the pain of staring at a dead body but these girls were and still are subjected to many for every single day of their lives.

Our worries are so much smaller in comparison to theirs. Our troubles do not stand a chance near what they have to go through for basic human rights; like sleeping in peace without army planes hovering over their roofs and the examples are countless. Life have taught them so much that they treasure the few minutes of quietness they get to sense.

We breathe the air of freedom everyday yet we don't realise how precious it is. There are problems in this world that are bigger than just "us". We should be thankful and start caring about them too.


Ameena said...

What a terrible thing to witness on the Internet...I can't imagine how much harder it would be to see such a thing in real-life.

Our worries are certainly insignificant and it's posts like yours that remind me of that.