I cannot bring you back

The world dissolves within itself, dragging you alongside it. You have your fists clutched so tight your nails dig hard in your palms, your teeth clenched and eyes fixated on the things you cannot begin to understand.

I remember reading the line over and over again, feeling smaller every time I read it. I began to fade, my voice first, then all of me. I started to see you before me, your gentle eyes piercing my soul, your voice calm and collected as you kiss me goodbye. I remember the times you told me stories, I remember my eagerness to get till the end and you keeping the best for last. You were patient with me, you were always there.

I cannot look at you now, I cannot hear the sound of your voice or have you look at me one more time. I cannot bring you back. I cannot tell you how much you meant to me, how you meant the world to everyone. How your presence made us all stronger..

 May you rest in peace.


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