Make them dance and sway

Speak to me in a language I do not understand, make me decipher each syllabus and watch me fail. Let me struggle to catch my breath with every new word I try to utter, every sentence going above my head like moving clouds on a still day. Laugh and let me hate you for it and accuse you of not trying hard enough.

 Give music to words, make them dance and sway.

 Be my eyes, my senses. Describe what it was like when the snowflakes first hit the skin of your hands, how, at the moment, you decided to hold on to that feeling for eternity. Make me wish I had witnessed your excitement to cherish every bit of the white blanket.

 Most of all, make me want to be with you right now.


Noor said...

This is so pretty. I love it.
Check this:

And this:

Maryam said...

@Noor: I enjoyed both links, thank you for reading and sharing. Keep writing and checking here, I'll be updating regularly inshallah.

Anonymous said...

So good