All Sorts Of Updates

Process of reviving the blog: Activated.

Here's what I've been up to today; We payed the Tate Britain museum a visit as a school field trip and it was very interesting and informative. I got to see 6 historic paintings that dates back 300 years ago. You could know more about that on my Wednesday's column if you're interested.

Currently reading; Daddy-Long-Legs. Yes! It's an actual book which I haven't known about before. It's quite entertaining reading all those long letters from Judy Abbott to the man who sent her to college. All this bring back a rush of childhood memories when I used to dream about the mysterious long man.

Upcoming events; I can't really wait for the national day holiday, a mere of 11 days from now because, maybe, and I stress on the 'maybe' part; I might go to KSA and perform 3umra. Praying for my long-awaited wish to come true, inshAllah.


Rationality said...

Hi Kitten;
Wow it’s great when your country own ancient antiques and great paints. I guess palatalizing paints’ beauty is an art itself and westerns teach students how they sense the beauty of the famous paints and other famous designs in general.

Daddy-Long-Legs! You bring the old days back, I’ve enjoyed watching that stunning carton since my childhood, and it was one of my favorites. Tell me how you found it? Is it amazing like the carton?

Oh there is a holiday waiting for you, lucky you. May Allah accept all your prayers. Wish all your dreams and wishes come true soon.
Enjoyable updates btw:)

Maryam said...

About Daddy-Long-Legs, I've put up a whole post for it.

Thanks, I really hope I could go this time.