3 Things I'm Grateful For

There are a lot of things I'm extremely grateful to have in my life but career wise, here's the ultimate 3;

Getting Published: I never thought, not in a million years, that I’d actually see my name in print. Sure there’s the dream of publishing my own novel after being discovered in a so-hollywoodish kind of way but to have my own column is something I’ve never foreseen before.

Winning Cubscribe: I know I was supposed to be optimistic about the whole thing but I wasn't. The topic we choose was alright though the approach we took could have been different. Nevertheless, my team and I won the The Week's challenge for Best Design and Overall Winner.

Writing and finishing stories: The only story I've ever written and finished was Perspective just because it was a school project. When I started writing after that, I've scribbled plots here and there and a couple of stories but it is when I posted them on here that I had the courage and the drive to work on them further. It has a lot to do with my readers' comments that I saw my potentials in the true sense of the word. So a huge THANK YOU to all of you out there who stood with me since the first days of my noob-ish attempts.


Burair Al Lawati said...

You are good.. :)

ze bloggherr said...

You guys won cubscribe.
Our thing on street racing didnt rly cut it,i guess.
But yeah,you guys' page was awesome,and the design was genius.
Enjoyed the blog.


Maryam said...

Thank you Burair.

ze bloggher: Thanks for checking my blog. It was a tough competition really hence I was pessimistic about winning.

Anonymous said...

pursue your interests, you will always succeed if you really love what your doing,

Ameena said...

I too dream of seeing my name in print! Congratulations to you for achieving one of your dreams. You are a fantastic writer so I'm not surprised!

Maryam said...

Thanks Jamal.

Ameena: Coming from such a talented writer like yourself means a lot to me, thanks so much. Even though I don't consider myself half as good as you are.

Rationality said...

I've told you before YOU ARE TALENTED masha'Allah. Keep your great work up.