Sick Leave: Day 3

For the past 4 days and 3 nights I've been feverish like never before. And before you start making any assumptions that this will be another rant post; it isn't.

The great thing about being sick to the point that you're bed-bound and can't move off your place without your head spinning so fast that it might fall off your neck is the realization of the small amount of people's pain from their permanent diseases.

It's only situations like these that makes you stop and appreciate EVERYTHING you have, starting with the greatest blessing that is your health.


Kuwaitiful said...

I've seen much worse trust me.. it does make you appreciate what you use to do easily now do with so much pain. That appreciation unfortunately quickly fades away once your all healthy. But it's part of being human, we're very forgetful.

Anyway, good luck to you.

Tazmania said...

Salamat 5a6ach il soo, hope you are feeling better now,, wish you speedy recovery,,take vitamins & have a lot of rest

Kitten said...

Thank you both.