It's The Small Things...

As you’re heading out the door a total stranger opens it for you, the smile you see on the face of an elderly woman when she’s leaning on her son for support, the cute and warm laughter of a baby… I know I would not stop here for these little gestures that lighten up our entire day deserve a list of its own but here is me trying:

Whenever you go, make sure to carry a valuable thing with you, it’s not a pen nor a bag but a facial expression and what is more beautiful than a smile? Yes, this smile of yours at the first of the morning can encourage others to be positive, to follow the same path in order to have what you seem to spread around contagiously: energy and happiness.

‘Sorry’ is a one-letter word that can be easily said but when meant can have an even larger impact. Always be careful to say it at the right time and in the right places for it may change your relationship with someone or destroy it.

‘Thank you’ is a rather two-word phrase but can be used almost everywhere. Be thankful to what you have, to others, to your family, your peaceful life and just about everything in between.

Avoid any aggressive situations that can make you go angry in a blink of an eye, don’t let simple things like forgetting where your key chain is change the whole atmosphere for you.

Take time-outs, because who doesn’t need them? Reward yourself knowing that you deserve it. Go out, enjoy. Life, as they say, is too short. You have a remote control that doesn’t has a pause button so without thinking of its existence, just hit the forward button and have a blast.


Rationality said...

Hello there talented girl
This post is Just amazing. I've read it more than one time. It's a source of inspiration indeed:)
Although I don'r reply so often in your blog but I read all the post you wrote:)
Keep it up

Kitten said...

I'm really glad it did. Keep tunning in, I love reading your comments.

jamila said...

thanks....we all need these reminders once in a while