Whenever I hear or read this verse, I remember him. He used to repeat it numerous of times without reading the verses in between. Now I regret not counting the times he said it, maybe they'd have been 31? Like it's mentioned in Surat AlRahman? Maybe he just forgot to remember the remaining verses yet was so persistent to finish reciting the Sura.

He went through a lot and I've only seen him in the true sense of the word in his last years. I was so stupid back then that I'd taken him for granted. But don't we all do that? Take every dearest person in our heart for granted? We'd love to believe that they'll be there no matter what but that's the sad part. There will be a day when we'd see them passing through the crowd in white linen, covering our eyes to think this can't be true, they'd be gone to where we all belong, beneath the ground.

Their memories will haunt us, just like a shadow. Wherever, whenever or whatever you do, there will be a point in which you'll remember what used to be between you, the times you shared... Just know that they're in a better place, a much nicer place than the planet we call Earth. To us, it may seem like they'll miss the great fun they could have here, but what do we know? They might be having a blast in heaven, looking down upon us, wishing we WERE there with them.

May he rest in peace.
11.3.09 to 11.3.2011 = 2 years.. feels like it was just yesterday.


Anonymous said...

Lovely post....made me cry tons.

Unknown said...

What happened?

Unknown said...

Nevermind, just read the link ^^ may he rest in peace

Rumaitha said...

Allah yer7ameh w ye'3ammed roo7eh el jannah inshallah..!!