In Mohammed Nabbous' Memory

Mohammed Nabbous or ''Mo'' is the founder of Libya AlHurra TV; a private station that provided the world with news and on-ground footages from Benghazi, Libya. On 19 of March, he was shot in the head by a sniper by pro-Gaddafi troops. Ever since the beginning of the revolution, Mohammed's been wandering the dangerous streets of Benghazi, shooting videos and pictures of the regime's crimes that haven't been aired to let the world know what's going on without censorship. He founded the channel on livestream and people have started following his videos since Feb 17th.

I haven't known him personally, but his sister, a teacher of mine is so proud of him and for what he's done. A real hero, 28 years of age, lost his life and left his wife behind him and a yet-to-be-born son. Mohammed's famous statement is this  "I am not afraid to die, I am afraid to lose the battle." And inshAllah, his son would come into this world and get to live in a free country, a free Libya. 

الله يرحمه  ويغمد روحه في الجنة إن شاءالله


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