Phones Comparison

On a Samsung Corby

1. There's no auto correct, I had to use the T button thingy that would give me options which weren't related to what I was going to say in any way possible.
2. The twitter's app I used to have had little options and only displayed a maximum amount of 6-8 tweets per page. Ignoring the huge font size, that is.
3. Thanks to #2, I had to log on Twitter from Mobile Web which was a serious pain on my rather weak eyes.
4. To Twitpic, I had to log on, upload a picture, press on the link to redirect me to it then post a comment so that it's shared on Twitter.
5. To reply on a tweet, there's a reply button which, again, directs you to another page with the tweep's handle (thankfully!) But when replying to a tweet with multiple handles, I had to type them on my own. Which obviously required learning the exact handles with every number or underscore.
6. No quote retweet option.
7. No copy option.
8. No e-mail checking configuration thingy. Okay there was but I just couldn't put all the info in the mailing wizard that required a lot of connection type kind of crap.
9. No YouTube. Again, there was but you'd have to wait for ages in order for that '4%' buffering signal to change so I simply didn't bother.
10. Blogger would take forever to load and if it did, you simply can't type in the box beneath the New Post button.
11. No apps or games or any fun material (you'd have to log on the Samsung site but you'd need a code or some complicated stuff)

There are a lot of points to add but these got on my nerves the most. Fortunately, I have an iPhone4 now and wouldn't have to worry about any of the above!


Rei said...

i used to have iphone but it annoyed me cuz me and touch screens aren't best friends since i got nails its hard 0.0 so i switched to LG lollipop flip phone

Rationality said...

Never Used samsung before but ipone4'sthe best mobile phone I used ever <3.
Congratulations! You've got award as a source of inspirations. Check out the following link please.

Kitten said...

Rei: My nails are pretty long too but I've never had any problems with touch screens, in fact I prefer them over keypads. Those are effing annoying.

Rationality: Yeah, iphone4 is my favourite, I don't think I can ever give it up. Thanks for the award, it means so much.

El's veiw said...

Mabroook! Enjoy the fun & intresting apps =D

Kitten said...

^ Thanks, I'm enjoying it alright :)