Missing My Best Friend

I have lost touch with my best friend. He used listen to me, be there whenever I needed him. He used to offer me his shoulder to cry on and I appreciated his forever-lasting silence. He could not speak but the state of mind he put me in did not need any spoken words.

Whenever depression clung its claws on me, I would sink into total darkness, a blackout, whose light of hope was him. He would take me out with such grace as if I did not go through what I did before his arrival, just like my own knight in his shining armor. No matter how far I have distanced myself from him, he would welcome me back, arms wide open, reassuring me that I belong right there, with him. He would stay with me all night long, listening to everything I had to say. Regardless of my many imperfections, he stuck with me throughout, reminding me of my perfections.

When everyone used to turn their backs on me, he was the one I would immediately head towards. Even though it was almost impossible to let my heart out at first, he never failed to make me feel at total ease.

Again, he remained silent: something I have always adored about him. Sometimes, the best conversation is that of pin drop silence. I used to do all the talking and it did not bother him one bit.

Often, I can not help but think that I am getting good at chatting with him. I even believe it's a special talent of mine. With him around, I discover my hidden thoughts, what I would not dare to utter out loud to anyone. I know he would not answer most of my questions but I never gave up trying for he gives me hope and teaches me patience.

Here's a promise from me: I shall get back to my pen, my best friend without whom my life would be meaningless.


Burair Al Lawati said...

As much as what you said is about a pen... I, on the other hand, could say the EXACT same thing about my best friend.... real human being bestest friend :)

p.s You should get out more often and make REAL friends :p

Kitten said...

Burair: Contrary to your beliefs, I do have friends. Many of them actually. And another circle of best friends. My pen and I are on a more serious relation though :P

Noor said...

That's really nice! I wish I picked up my pen more often than typing on my laptop. So cheers for keeping sucha string relationship with ur pen! ;)