Nine Facts

(1) Whenever I take the first initiative into making change, no matter how small this might be, I feel good about myself and I wouldn't let anyone make me feel otherwise.

(2) I'm afraid of animals, kittens included. It's not that I think they'll pounce on me or something but the thought of having a physical contact between them simply terrifies me. That's one of my most complicated phobias that I haven't gotten over yet.

(3) I've done some silly things back in my first teenage years that I don't necessarily regret but makes me think twice of how my mentality changed (wait for the most embarrassing post) .

(4) I don't understand too sensitive people. Like my sister for instance who would prefer to live under a rock, not knowing what's happening currently in the Arab world just so it wouldn't affect her emotionally. On second thoughts, I think she's just being selfish.

(5) Sometimes...or often, I think that a lot of us live to impress. We buy this or that because it's cool, wear this style or that to follow the trend and the list is endless.

(6) My older sister and I fight a lot. Our mentalities are so different and our ideas are always contradicting. Only rarely do we agree on something. Nonetheless, we get along pretty okay. Our fights will only last for 5 minutes, then after 15 minutes or so, it's either I bring up a topic to discuss it or she does it.

(7) Two topics that would trigger me to talk on impulse: Religion & family. You can diss everything related to me except these two because they define me more than anything else.

(8) I'm only writing this because I couldn't find the analysis of two poems I've been looking for.

(9) I liked the image up there since my eyes look exactly like that after hours of studying.


Rummy said...

Actually they are nine facts rather than 10 ..!! And I just wodner what made you pick the name kitten if you have a phobia related to them?

Kitten said...

Ugh, missed the 3rd. Was in such a rush..
A friend nicknamed me 'Kitten' after an avatar of mine and so it stuck.

Squinty said...

I am afraid of all insects... I can kill but never touch. >_<

I am like your sister in that aspect. I don't care "anymore" about the Arab world. I think after Egypt most Arab countries just wanted to start stupid protests. I started disliking the Arab world and they don't look as good as they were to my eyes anymore. I wish Libya and Egypt become better and have a peaceful life asap.

I think me, stopping to blog, is because I don't like knowing what happens around me in general so I had nothing to share. So this is almost the same as your sis, if not completely the same.

Kitty said...

hey, kitten
i'm new to your blog
ur friend lulu introduced it to me and i absolutly love it (i'm not just saying that there are very little things that i love/like)
u'll b seeing me everyday

p.s. my nickname is also kitten, cat or kitty my friends used to play this game in grade 7 where we pretended to be a family with moms and dads and brothers and sisters... well to get to the point i was the cat in the family :)

Kitten said...

Squinty: I guess each to his own.

Kitty: Lulu told me about you, you're more than welcomed to comment any time, I'd love to hear your thoughts.