Thai Trip In Words & Pictures

So I came back home Sunday night after spending 5 days and 4 nights in Thailand, Bangkok. The main reason of this short visit was to have some change of air, have fun and do a bit of shopping. The plane took off from Muscat and after 1 hour and half reached Karachi for an extra one hour transit then landed in Bangkok after 4 and a half hours. The flight was smooth although I'd have appreciate it more if there were personal TV screens to keep me entertained.

After settling in the Ten Stars Inn, we wandered around to the near shopping malls like Platinum Fashion Mall and took this picture while crossing the bridge from and to the opposite street.
Early the next day we headed to Pattaya, the famous beach city to see what the fuss is all about and after spending 1 hour and a half at the car we finally reached and was surpised to see many foreigners there. Mainly American and European. Since we arrived early, we had to wait till 10 or 11 for the malls to open. We visited Lotus, Carrefoure (where I bought novels from Bookazine) and some other malls.

The next day was an enjoyable one for me. We took a tour around the Floating Market, which is basically a floating city, with people selling on their small wooden boats and tiny houses (that had its own boat).

Then it was Dream World's turn, where I had the time of my life there, playing and enjoying the thrill of the moment in the many different games.

First, right after the entrance, you'd see the Love Garden which is decorated beautifully with heart-shaped flowers and trees and I actually saw a Bride and Groom taking pictures at one of the fountains.

Then I rode the cable car which took me to the other, far side of the park. And snapped these couple of shots from above. You could practically see the whole theme park.

There's also a Fairy-tales Land, featuring various characters of Disney's tales and other legendry houses, castles.

Sleeping Beauty inside her castle

Her castle, after climbing the stairs that leads to this.

The well of the prince who turned into a frog.

Plus the incredibly -2.0 C cold Snow Town.

And of course the Wonders of The World miniatures.

Paid the Giant's House a visit as well.

Have you ever had a 4D experience? Well I had. Right there in Dream World, located next to the Giant's House. The 20-minutes-long show's description fits it perfectly ''You don't watch the movie, you're part of it''. Whenever there was lightning, you'd notice the whole theatre glowing with flashing colours and water splashing right across your face, matching with the action going on the show. It was a scary, heart-pounding experience that kept me on the edge of my seat. Make sure to try it if you ever go there.

Overall, it was an awesome trip..with a perfect timing. The people were nice and friendly, unlike Chinese (not generalizing here but pointing out what I personally noticed) and wouldn't give you the 'look' for being an Arab with a hijab or point fingers at you (Chinese did that to me). They, thankfully, understand English so it was easy to communicate.

As they say, Sawatdi (See you again/Goodbye) :)


Kuwaitiful said...

From Pyramids, to Paris and to the Statue of Liberty.. you did exactly what you wanted, inhale a lot of fresh air.

The floating market looks really worth sighting, I couldn't find anything about octopus munching on this post though. I know you had one..

Kitten said...

I did exactly that. And no matter how disappointing this is, I stand by what I said: I had no octopuses. Have YOU ever had one though?

Kuwaitiful said...

I haven't, not even sure why I insist you did..

This probably has something to do with it.

Me said...

7amdellah 3ala salametkom.

Dreamworld seemed to be like a LOT of fun! :D Really glad you had the different air to breathe.

Did you attempt any weird dishes there? :P

Kitten said...

^ Of course not. There was this Arabian (Lebanese) restaurant near the hotel so we mostly ate there.