Misunderstood Hijab Concept

I've spent ages trying to find another version of this video that actually lets you hear what they're talking about instead I only found that. It's basically an episode of Jessica Simpson's: Price of Beauty show featuring in Morocco.

There are certain things I'd like to point out;

(1) When asked about why women cover up, one of the Moroccan girls answered ''To preserve ourselves for our husbands". I'm sorry but that's about the ridiculous-est thing I've ever heard. Where's the religious part of this? Wearing hijab or covering up have never been a cultural thing, I beg to differ, it has everything to do with Islam. If the question in hand was ''Who are you allowed to uncover in front?'' then your husband might be the right answer. Islam honours women by giving her a value; instead of being judged on the amount of skin she shows or what designer's brand she's wearing, she should be judged by her actions and the way she carries herself in society. 

(2) The girl 'Laila' in the video was a jerk, a totally ignorant woman that shouldn't have been there to present her 'idea'. She was the liberal type-of-person and blamed Jessica for showing a big part of her legs when she was wearing a low-cut top . Laila thought Jess was offending the culture when she was a good damn example of that. 

I have nothing against Moroccans but I just think that the situations mentioned above only gives a bad idea of what our Islamic and Arabian culture is all about. 

/End of blog post. Just had to let that out. Good night.


MaRia said...

this is the first time for me also to comment on your blog as well kitten :)
your post is really interesting and there are many wrong representations of what hijab is in the media.
it's frustrating to see that, especially with the stereotypes enforced by the western media.
that's why I think bloggers like you might be the ones helping to change this offensive image so keep writing girl :)

Dazzling Mage said...

Ugh, that is such a narrow and superficial answer. When it comes to the hijab is that it's still a debate, and it means different things to different people. This is like that doctor from Dubai on Oprah-- it's not a broad representation, but people watching the show don't know any better. It's really frustrating to see.

Kitten said...

Maria: Inshallah I will.

Dazzling: I think those countries who are being presented should pick specific people in order to convey a good idea.

Nadia said...

That was a really dumb video. Jessica Simpson is the WRONG PERSON to be making assumptions about how muslim women dress. What was her point?

Kitten said...

Nadia: Jess isn't the one making assumptions here, she was merely asking a stupid Moroccan woman on the way we dress and got even dumber answers.

Jasmine said...

Islam and Arabian culture? I beg to differ. There are hundreds of different Arabian cultures and not just one. Sure, they may all have similarities but there certainly is a huge difference between the culture in Saidi Egypt and in Urban Morocco, and in a thousand other areas of the Middle East.

Unless you've confused cultural hegemony with the real deal.

Kitten said...

Jasmine: If I remember correctly and I quote myself "gives a bad idea of what our Islamic and Arabian culture is all about". I did not specify a country's culture. Was meaning a broad meaning here and speaking in general.

Anonymous said...

I remember this episode... and totally agree "Laila" .. she was the wrong person to get answers from..

Rummy said...

One thing we should seriously note down though out of everything is the fact that many women in the Arab world wear the hijab just because they were told to. Many don't go soul searching and decide that that piece of cloth wrapped around your head has a bigger significance than 'saving yourself for your husband'.

And Laila got me speechless altogether.

Kuwaitiful said...

I'd agree, the hijab wasn't worn to reserve the beauty for the husband, rather a reminder that God is watching. And to judge a woman's inner not her outside beauty so to say.

Sadly nowadays I see woman everywhere wearing gucci logo filled hijabs like it's just another part of the clothing to show of more fake lux brands. I blame the parents, if your going to raise your daughter to wear a hijab, teach her the values & morals of wearing one, don't just put it there and walk away.