Don't Drag Your Kids With You!

This might be a biased post to some but this is me saying; I didn't intend it to be.

Last night on my Canada Dry hunt, I went to the closest supermarket to home and found a 12 years old boy who shares the same school bus with me. Now, on the cashier's table, there were more than half a dozen of cigarette packets.. He said hello to me and when the cashier asked him if that's all he wanted, he urged me to go forward and take his turn. I collected my things and was heading out when I found out that he only did this because the little boy didn't want me to see what he's buying. Yes those packets were for him. I imagine his Dad or Mom sent him to buy those crappy, life-destructing packets.

I was so angry that I stormed off without asking to make sure of anything. Who, in their right mind, would allow his kids to buy them for himself? If anything, you're only urging the boy to do as you do and is that what we're supposed to do? Follow our parents? Our role models in life? Instead of taking his hand and heading to prayers for example, you're asking HIM to get YOU cigarette packets? And for the life me, I just can't take the image of the kid's face and how ashamed he was. I wonder if he feels the same towards his parents. If he'd grow up and come to the same market to purchase for himself the next time.

NB to parents; if you're going in the wrong path, please don't drag your kids with you. It's both selfish and ignorant to do so and allow me to say this: You don't deserve the little adorable angels you've been gifted to have.


Omani Princess (not Omani...yet) said...

Hello Kitten;)

I will now start following you.

I am proud of two things you have written.

a. Canada dry . You know very well why;D

b. I hate math too.

Maryam said...

Thanks for following :) I've followed your blog too; just keep updating it.

jamila said...

hmmm interesting point..but you know parents dont see it that way..idk how they see it...maybe they see it just as a behaviour..and the normal ideology i can quit anytime i its not not doing anything wrong..just relivin stress..blah blah!! the thing is with smoking...because u dont see the damage such as eating junk food(biggest culprit) we dont know what it does to our body...we only think of the feel good moments...and memories..other than that. everything goes out the door. so when a person sends their child...its has nothing on their mind on the reprecussion it does to one self. i remember my grandma's best friend she used to send me with a cigeratte to light it..and she would tell us to take puff so it lights so ignorance..but yeah i guess they lack education of the harm it does to the body.