Sohar Protest

Update: Click here to read the Sohar Protest [2] ~ 1/4/2011

One finds this hard to believe but it's happening as I type this. Protests in Sohar, 2 reportedly have passed away and others injured. Muscat Daily and Reuters have reported it this morning.

Last night's

For keeping up with the up-to-date minutes follow this #Sohar hashtag on Twitter but please don't believe EVERYthing you hear or spread it in fact.

To make it clear for all of you out there, Omanis are not protesting for change in regime, on the contrary, they're fighting for some political reforms. It was supposed to be a peaceful protest but something, somewhere might have gone wrong when the protesters put a gas truck on fire. Police stepped in by firing rubber bullets and tear gas. And that's that.

Once again, we do not want this to get any further if it means causing chaos and distruption in our beloved country. So please go back to your homes and come back only when you're ready to carry out a civilized protest; not riots and havoc.


Unknown said...

I was really disappointed when I heard the news

Anonymous said...

I completely agree with you!
This country it too wonderful to ruin. don't do it!

Unknown said...

What is the protest about exactly?

I really lost interest in the Arab world since Egypt started. All the Arab countries want to protest now JUST BECAUSE Egypt stood firm? I find it stupid.

Maryam said...

Squinty: Increase in payment and salaries amongst others.

Ravi said...

Oman is lovely. Sohar, a jewel on her beautiful forehead. I love Oman and I love Sohar even more so.

Please do not do anything rash to tarnish its image. Some how, suddenly I am scared to stay here and wish they would help me kill the fear.

My wife is a great Sohar lover and she too is sad. So is my son, all of 10 yrs.

Please protest peacefully and with discipline.

Love all my brothers and sisters.... love all... plzzzzz

Anonymous said...

its so unnecessary attempt especially in Oman, these mad people making this country down.

Anonymous said...

i cannot believe that that thse peaceful country can do such things, burning cars and the supermarket, which is supposedly they should not do,many innocent workers should not be dragged on this event.

Unknown said...

This is getting on my nerves seriously..!!

Anonymous said...

I'm a resident of sohar from past 5 years and is a student. i find this place beautiful and peaceful with its remarkable developed and the fine culture showcased by our Omani citizens as I'm a foreign student. I just want to say that the situation here is not an healthy one. They should have revolted peacefully for their rights but using violent means such as throwing stones is not right. I wish that the beauty of sohar doesn't get disrupted. :)

Maryam said...

Ravi: We're all hoping for the best.
Anon1 & 2: I think they have the right to protest but I guess there are more civilized ways to do so.
Rummy: On mine too, Allah yester.
Anon3: Same here, let's all pray they don't.

Anonymous said...

Peacefull country, and wonderful hospitality. Very grate future for Oman as infrastructures are just completed for mega growth.
We need to wait for few more years to see the real prospects.
Don't be too greedy to kill the golden duck...Say stern NO to any form of violence.....