Reading & I These Days...

I did not quit. Not yet.

The thought of my permanent loss of interest in reading frightens me beyond belief. I may go overboard with it when I say that I have more than 5 books on my night-stand in order to remind me to read again. I would pick one, read from where I left and close it, then pick up the next and the circle goes on with the other novels. This started by the beginning of my two-weeks-long holiday. Maybe it was the effect of watching TV. I've been reading few pages of a certain novel and stopping. Then picking another one and stopping all over again. Why, if you may ask?

Well, I've duelled much on how to answer this between myself and I and I've came up with the only sane reason I could master to find: It's hard to find something that would grab my attention from the first page itself. If not the writing style then it's the plot or vice versa. Thinking back, I've never felt this way before: That I cannot find a worthy novel to spend my time on. Maybe I'm getting old? Or my attention-span is so short that I get bored easily? I don't know.

Bottom line, got any interesting titles you recommend? Or more specifically (if you're willing to help me and got the time to) check my online bookshelves of the books I own and decide which is worthy of time. CLICK HERE.

On another-yet-relevant note, mom wants to get me this when we move to our new house in a couple of months from now, says she'll customize a bed to suit it. Guess I don't need it now, eh? Or do I?


iMawii said...

That chair, WOW, I'd love to get one myself ^_^

Now, getting to the important part :)
I hope its just a phase that will pass soon enough

I have 3 books on my night stand, 4 on my study table to remind me to read. I want to read, I really want to, I just can't seem to find the time :(
I mean with all the stress from studies + the major time waster that I am, I barely manage to study, which comes first of course, so let alone making some time for my favorite hobby which is reading <\3

Don't let whatever is making you not read get the best of you, the longer you're away from your books, the harder it'll be to get them into your system

Anyway, hopefully you'll snap out of this, please do, I hope you do :)

iMawii said...

No to suggestions :)

*if you like sci-fi --> The Host by Stephanie Meyer

* if you want an easy read, like a romantic movie --> Something Borrowed by Emily Giffin

* if you want something different, self-help or inspiration (one of the book on my study, haven't read it yet but heard its GOOD) --> Who moved my cheese?!

* if you want mystery\crime --> Are you afraid of the Dark by Sidney Sheldon

* The 5 people you meet in Heaven by Mitch Albom
* Rosie Dunne (aka Where Rainbows End) by Cecilia ahern
* The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown (REALLY interesting, the book I'm trying to read now, there's some progress)

Happy reading :)
Hope this helps

Nabsj said...

Lock and Key; Just Listen and The Truth About Forever by Sarah Dessen!
Enjoy readying :)

FAITH said...

Welcome to the team...Something weird is happening to me. And it's actually getting hopeless in my case, I fall asleep whenever I start reading!

iMawii said...

Faith --> you have The Student's Syndrome (a very common and affects a wise population around the world where students cannot help but falling asleep the minute they open their books to study!. Weird things is though, you're not a student anymore, hmm

FAITH said...

Mawii I am a student in School of life though :p

Kitten said...

Mawii: InshAllah I get over it and yeah, the chair looks awesome.

I've read The Host, Who Moved My Cheese? (you could read their reviews on my blog) and I own The Lost Symbol but haven't got around reading it yet. Soon hopefully. Thanks for the recommendations, appreciate it.

Naba: Thank you.

Faith: Maybe because you read before bedtime? :P Inshallah we'll get back to reading in no time.