House Rules: A Glitch?

Since I'm working on a book-review kind of presentation, I chose to write about my latest read, House Rules by Jodi Picoult. The main plot is that the lead character Jacob sufferes from Asperger's syndrome; a high functioning form of autism that enables him to understand social clues and make an eye-contact.

He's also obsessed about solving crime scenes and when his tutor is found dead, he's the one to blame. Long story short, his brother, who's perfectly fine and who had a habit of breaking into different houses, have entered Jacob's tutor house. She was surprised when she saw him and slipped, hitting her head badly. When Jacob came for his lesson, he saw her lying in her own pool of blood, cleaned the mess and properly dressed her and wrapped Jess in a quilt. All the while knowing that his brother was the one who killed her.

Now, my question is; Asperger's patients are supposed to lack the ability to show the empathy, and not totally emotionless, or am I mistaken? Jacob's act of carrying a dead body wasn't in the least bit sensitive, given the fact that he had a crush on his tutor, Jess.

Is it a glitch in the story? If not, are we left with the conclusion that people with Asperger's are a danger to community and hence should be locked away?