AlHaram AlMakki Shots

After Fajir prayers

Around the afternoon

At night

Safa & Marwa

From the inside

One of the exterior gates

And the bonus shot..

...The little dudes we met on the way to Mecca from AlMadinah


Rationality said...

Hi there sweet Kitten
Nice shots Ma sha Allah, I liked them and and the lovely dudes you’ve met on the lane :D
May Allah accept every prayer of yours there.
all the best :)

Maryam said...

^ Thanks :)

Salima Al Masrouri said...

Allaaaah <3 shawagteena ya Kitten :')

بلاد حباها الله أمنا وكعبة


Kuwaitiful said...

Finally got to see the dudes... Except I never knew they were monkeys.. I thought it was a cute kid, except I ended up with something very hairy.