[Wii] Burn The Rope

Recently, I was obsessed about finishing Cut The Rope, an app in which all you have to do is 'cut the rope' obviously to drop down the candy to the little green monster at the bottom. But when I downloaded Burn The Rope, I knew I had to finish playing all the levels.

And so it happened that I finished all the 80 levels of the 5 deck of cards in two days. With a score of 6000+ Not much but I did enjoy wasting many hours on the small screen.

All you have to do here is 'burn the rope' by the blazing fire; make sure to always let the fire's top forward so it wouldn't turn off. Then keep on moving your device till it burns the whole length of the rope, which is in different forms in every level.

What are your favourite games? Share it with me. Who knows, I might just download it tonight and get it over with. Oh and enjoy the weekends!