The Journey [3]

A series of posts inspired by a line in a nasheed that says;

والله مافي هذه الدنيا الذ من اشتياق العبد للرحمن

It is about a journey that I went through and would like to share it with you all.
We often hear people say that they have no purpose in living. It gets frustrating hearing it coming from a Muslim.. It saddens me more than anything when someone loses hope just because life have treated him unfairly in a way, that he lost something so dear to him that he can't see the point of living. We all go through that. We know how everything can turn gloomy in a matter of seconds and we are left bare and twisting in the dreaded agony of our mishap. Some choose to rise above it and some just get drowned in it, in the thought of having lost 'The Purpose'. So ask yourself this, what is your purpose in living?

If it was for pleasing people, what if they are never pleased no matter what you do?

If it was for reaching a certain goal, what if you realise you have absolutely no chance of getting there?

If it was for being there for someone, what if they leave?

Does your life stop here? Will you wake up everyday wishing you didn't?

It is at this point in time that you have to fully have a bigger meaning in life, a higher purpose than earthly matters which you cling to so that once they fade away, you are still here.

I will discuss more on this topic in part 4 inshAllah.


Arwa said...

Indeed it's so sad, no one should reach that point, there's always something to live for, looking forward to part 4