GG's Fashion

With only a couple of episodes left of Gossip Girl for me to watch, I can't begin to express my fascination to the outfits of the show. The sense of fashion is simply sophisticated and modern, if only I had half the wardrobe they have. Blair Waldorf's wardrobe caught my attention, not only because she never (or rarely) wears jeans or sweatpants but because her mini dresses are to die for. Blair's style is classic, very Upper-East-Side and she goes for skirts, dresses and longwear. When it comes to accessories, there's always HEADBANDS! (For most of season 1 and 2, that is) Although her style seems easy to pull off, it requires a good and classical taste.

I'll leave you with my favourite looks:

Look #4 on the right, if you know me, you'll definitely guess that it's something I would wear. I adore mini dresses! Especially those with a belt under the chest. Even if it wasn't part of the dress, I'd add it as an accessory. You can never go wrong with belts, I recently had a look at H&M's collection of belts at Dubai's City Centre, gorgeous ones!

Look #2, so chic and simple, I can see myself in it with a pair of leggings instead. As you can see above, there's a quite collection of coats and suit jackets in the 2nd picture, I've always had a thing for suit jackets.


Arwa said...

Love her style!! some of those outfits I see for the first time & I'n completley inlove ♥

Shahoodeh said...

I do love Blair <3