"I Want To Explore On My Own''

I usually talk when I'm fully aware of the topic discussed yet I find that I'm always voicing out an opinion one way or the other. I don't know if others find this irritating though I honestly think it's better than having no say in things at all. What's worse than being quiet is talking complete and utter nonsense. Why word out others' thoughts claiming to be your own? I might quote and refer to some public figures if I happened to have read about any.

That leads me to my next point which is reading about various things. What brought this up is a certain saying that mentions something along the lines that "I'd rather not read to explore on my own" and that sort of stopped me in my tracks for a while: reading gets you in the mind of other people; They write out an organized document of their opinions and by reading that, are you allowed to ponder more? Or do you just agree with all that's there thanks to the convincing evidence laid out in front of you?

Same thing with fictional writings and this deal with your imaginative side. Does reading about new worlds stop your creativity at some point? Does it leave a room for you to imagine when new cool universes are already created and crafted beautifully for you?

Coming from an avid reader, I'm expected to mention the numerous benefits of reading yet I can't help but fall trap in the other contradicting side as well. Reading does harm you only if you’re totally dependent on getting to know other’s views without having any of your own. The trick is to read, analyze, weigh your opinions, try to contradict and support your reasons with logical thinking. If a text could get you to think, then it already did its purpose and it’s left for you to muse over the thought, consider it more thoroughly to come up with your own opinion, leaving aside the author’s.

So are you the type that prefers to keep quiet and listen without having a say in certain conversations? Or are you the one who reads, depending on others’ thoughts or rather choosing to think things through in order to have a clearer view on your point?

Published today, 4th of May on Oman Observer


Nabaa Baqir said...

I always find my opinion's against my friends' especially when it comes to politics and religion, so most of the time I try to avoid discussing these topics with them to avoid unnecessary conflicts!
To be honest, I don't read books much, but I make sure I read different views and opinions (articls, blogs, tweets..etc) about a certain thing I am not sure of and decide which makes more sense to me. Whereas I find my friends taking sides with their sects, groups or what their family thinks. So I really find discussing with them kind of useless.

Excellent choice of topic (y)

jamila said...

hmmm goodpoint...i like reading..and learning new things...but also discuss similarities with others..on how they view the information. everyone is different and with differnet view point and perception of things. its interesting to view issue and different angles