Goodbyes & New Beginnings

Today was the last day of school for grade 12. Our class was next to theirs and we are the only two classes that spent most of the breaks or free times together. We treated them as friends, we invited them to our parties and just yesterday we threw a surprise party for them, bringing cakes, drinks and deserts. We had to ask their homeroom teacher to call them in and the moment they entered, we all screamed 'Surprise' and that's when everyone broke into tears, crying and hugging each other. We then celebrated and had the time of our lives during the next four lessons.

Today, however, they invited us for Pizza in their class and soon the bell rang announcing the end of the day. They all started crying, more than yesterday and the atmosphere was so overwhelming that I couldn't help but think of how is it going to be when it is my turn to say goodbye. Would I cry? Would it be hard to part with my 9-years-long friends? I know it will but looking on the brighter side, it would mean getting what I have always wanted and that is to finish with school once and for all.

Tomorrow, and for the rest of the remaining days of this year, 12th graders won't be there. We'd miss chatting with them, laughing around and most importantly, their presence. But it gives me great joy knowing that they're going to a whole new world, the real world of adults and the responsibility that comes with it. And I honestly and wholeheartedly cannot wait for my turn.


Nabaa Baqir said...

Last year when all the 12th graders were crying I thought it would the same next year. But when my time came, it was totally different. It felt so unreal, very few girls cried, it was just like any other day. :)

Maryam said...

Naba I know I won't cry. I would be so happy since I've been waiting for that day for too long. 

Noor said...

First off, awesome new template!
I always thought I would never be sad to leave school, but I sort of was. These people I spent over 8 years with, so we shared a lot together but I hated school so I thought I couldn't be happier to leave it. Honestly, I was happy to leave it only sad to leave the people I spent every day with... Now, we only keep in touch through smses since it's really hard to get together. That's the sad part.

It's really nice what you did to the 12th graders, must have really meant a lot to them!