Favourite Blogs

Following the trend that English Girl in Oman started about sharing our favourite blogs, here's my favourite blogs (& bloggers) that I can't skip a single post of theirs.

1) Dear Me by Faith. Her blog deals with her personal observations about certain topics where she shares videos, lyrics and poems based on her good choice. A good friend whom I had the chance to meet only once but still, I can never get bored of our late night chats.

2) خطوة A Step
by Faith, Spot, Phat'hi, G-chan and Sting. Enriching background information about Palestine. Follow them to get updates on all things Palestinian.

3) Kuwaitiful
by Kuwaitiful himself. Here you'd find unique findings from the net be it videos, news, or pictures.

by 3 expats living in Oman. Through this blog, I knew a lot of things about my country that I did not before. It's a #1 guide for exapts looking for directions or cool places to visit in town or other wilayats.

by Sarz, a blog all about Islam and special translations of online lectures.

(6) Fancy That... Fancy This

by Ameena; a hilarious mother who writes about her life with her husband and little girl Maya.

(7) Rebellious Arab Girl

by Mona, an Arab/Palestinan girl living in Canada who shares her ''rebellious'' thoughts in many aspects of her life.

(8) Muscat Mutterings
Follow Sythe to get updates of events currently happening in Muscat.

What about you? What are your favourite blogs?


Anonymous said...

I'm so sad that I'm not one of your faves ;) haha. Dead chuffed I seem to have started a trend tho! :) OB

Maryam said...

@TheOmaniBrit I only followed you today..

Salima Al Masrouri said...

Thanks Kitten. I'm absolutely honored :)

Sythe said...

I'm touched you added me to your list! Thank you so much! :)

Rumaitha said...

A bummer that I didn't make it to the list..!! B

Ameena said...

I am so honored that I made your list! Thank you for the mention.

While I don't always get to comment I do love your writing as well. Thank you for always making me think, and for inspiring me.

Maryam said...

Faith and Sythe: You're most welcome.
Rummy: You have an amazing blog too but it's been real long since I last stopped by.
Ameena: Just the thought of you reading my blog is enough, but do post a comment once in a while; it'd make my day :)

Unknown said...

It's been a while since I've really 'read' blogs. But, I do love yours. Come stop by mine. :)