Determination? Check!

Exams are starting on Saturday. I'm stressed out yet I am trying my best not to. Not because I am not supposed to.. it's just that I know very well when I'm stressed, I freak out. This can be noticed by me trying to distract myself with something else. I could be eating, gossiping or even writing, like now. I get so scared of the thought of having exams that I'm afraid to start studying in the real sense of the word.

How do I get over it? Well by trying to remind myself that I know what I am doing, that I can fool whoever but I can't fool "me". I can lie and then realize that I'd start believing the lie myself then it'll be one huge lie that I'd fall for.

Funny thing is, I know myself more than anyone does and I'm the only one who could either destroy or win over myself.

I need to work and focus with everything that I can to ace these things people like to call "finals" just so they could scare the hell out of us. As if the realisation that what we'll go through is not enough for us to understand that it's what determines our grades. As if being called ol' plain "exams" wouldn't make us grasp the stress period we'll get in so they just named it "Finals"

Alright! Bring it on! I have my pens and brain ready.


Phat'Hi said...

All the best, try to keep in mind that grades aren't everything, but understanding is. try to think of what you study as a part time hobby/reading and you will automatically accelerate. Ace em some papers =).

Kitten said...

Phat'hi: thanks for that. This is your first comment on my blog :)

Omani Princess (not Omani LOL) said...

All the best on your tests inshaAllah:)

I find the best ay to deal with test jitters for me personally is say nervousness is just extra energy waiting to be used. That way I just feel wide awake and not scared at all.