Article Topics Needed

These lack-of-inspiration moments occur to me more than any person you've ever met (or will, in fact). So here I am once again, asking for topics to write about on my column. Almost every Monday an idea just pops to to my mind out of nowhere but I'm trying to stop procrastinating and so far, staring at the blank MS Word sheet didn't do any good to me.

Generally, I feel passionate about writing topics related to society; things like local issues, etc.. though I can't seem to think of anything right now. Your help will be appreciated.

/End of blog post.


Rationality said...

So weird when it comes to talented writer like you with empty inspirations! :)
Well, what about the honor crimes in Islamic realm?

Squinty said...

Respect in Public Places.
Schools. (they are getting better in the material they teach, from what I have seen)

That is all I can think. Good luck.

Kitten said...

Rational:I don't consider myself a 'writer' yet. Nor talented, in that matter.

Thank you both.