Strange Encounters

How was Eid with you all? Did you have fun as much as I did? As for me, I really enjoyed my rather short holiday and I wish it didn't have to end now. Going to Ajman was the most important highlight even if it was for one day and a half. Waking up on the second day of Eid, I wasn't surprised with the news of going to the UAE, as my family has always been unpredictable like that.

The weirdest thing I noticed were:
(1) Too many smokers; spending the the first night at Ajman festival, I was astonished by the amount of smokers practically everywhere. considering the fact that it was a public event where people of all ages were around it was plain rude to pollute the area. What disturbed me the most was seeing an old woman smoking in front of her kids and to top my disgust, blowing off the smoke on her kids' faces who were sitting on the table facing their mom. The act was extremely selfish and ignorant.

(2) The dude with the snake; at the same festival, there was a man holding a snake and stroking it lovingly as if it were a cat or a dog. I was yet again disgusted and I didn't know if it was showing-off or what exactly.

(3) Stranger greeting; there was this girl who came up to me, shook my hands and hugged/kissed me in greetings when all I said was "do I even know you?" but turned out, she only did all of that because I was an Omani just like her. Umm..since when do we greet whoever of the same nationality as ourselves?

And since my brother is nagging to give him back his iPhone then I guess that's all for now, what about you?


Squinty said...

I am glad you enjoyed your eid!

My eid was amazing! It was filled with assignments and projects. Funny part is, during the lecture the professor looked around and asked: "Where is everyone? Is it Eid?" Ironically, the people who were absent were NOT Muslim and they took the day of for themselves! =P

Being abroad is really hard, when it comes to Eid. Since, for me, I always get more assignments and work during that period of time other than any other time. My family keep calling assuming I am taking a day off, which I cannot do.

I am glad to hear all my family and friends enjoyed Eid. That is the only news I was waiting to hear during Eid.

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