Eidkum Mubarak

You probably noticed how rare my posts are these days? Well, it's all due to Twitter and if you're following me, you'd notice that my timeline is full of tweets concerning my never-ending wish to have been there with the Hujajj, slept in Minna and stood on Jabal 3arafa today.

Eid's preparation were smooth for me this time all thanks to the salon's early-reservation which made it rather easier to get all ready a day before Eid. Henna? Check. Face? Check. Nails? Check. Clothes? Shoes, purse, etc are all done, thankfully. All that's missing is Eid it self.
Today felt more like a Ramadhan as the whole family fasted in this blessing day and inshallah you'll out here enjoyed the futoor and your Du3as get accepted.

Eidkum mubarak, enjoy it to the max and make sure to spend your 3ediyah wisely :P