Neoteric Glance [2]

Neoteric Glance ~ Chapter Two
By Kitten

A/N: Based on the feedback I got (Okay, two of them but they're highly appreciated people) I decided to post the next part, which isn't as long as the first one.

Day one was a success, I would say but I am not so sure my new instructor would agree. Ryan was his name and I do not know for how long I have been in love with his name and if someone was to ask, I would say I haven’t got a single idea why. While spending a few hours together today, I noticed that Ryan had a lingering irritation, the one that is not hard to figure out no matter what.

Apart from his attitude, the kids were amazingly cheerful and adorable hence I cannot wait to get back tomorrow. After leaving Ryan to himself at the end of day, I decided to take Ms. Kate aside so that I could be filled in with the day’s schedule, all the while, she repeatedly pressed on drawing a smile on my face all day long, because, she said, ‘teachers are supposed to’. ‘This’, I told her, ‘you wouldn’t have to worry about’ as I am always happy around children, and who wouldn’t be, if I may ask?

Ever since I was given the honour of teaching here, in the North Creek institution, I haven’t heard anything of volunteer work. So this Sarah girl comes up with something new and generally, to be honest, I hate new-bies. My friend Jeanne thinks I’m being paranoid but I do have the right to be ‘the one’, not just anyone, and this will probably happen if someone, like Sarah today, fills in my place. Just saying.
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Nabsj said...

That was too short!! Waiting for the next part :)

Rummy said...

Way too short..!!
Post more mittens.

Squinty said...

I think this is good, reading the word "tomorrow" made me think if we will actually get a third part tomorrow or what? =P

Take your time in writing those stories. =)
Even if it reaches 20 parts or more, I am sure we will get hooked on it.

Kitten said...

Naba & Rummy: Part 3 ought to satisfy you.
Squinty: And you got the third part today, right? :P Glad you're reading, thanks.