Couple Of Advices

(1) Praying Taraweeh have never felt more beautiful than having to do it at the mosque almost every single day. Take this from me and don't waste this rare opportunity.

(2) Mosque is a place for praying, reading Quran and not for women to bring their babies along. Coming to the mosque is important but you can leave your kids back at home or at your family's, let the others worship Allah in a quiet atmosphere. Of course, I'm talking about 1-4 years old who would not only speak loudly, but keep running around causing havoc for one whole hour.

(3) If an act of kindness was presented to you, please welcome it with a warm heart. Even if it were simple things like someone is trying to open up the door for you, and most importantly, take the time to thank them.

(4) Set every hour after every prayer to at least read a single chapter of Quran, that way, you would finish reciting the Quran by the end of Ramadhan.

(5) TV is a total waste of time, especially in Ramadhan with what the Khaleeji shows, etc. Watch some good & beneficial shows like Khawatir and the like; you'd learn a lot in a mere of 20 minutes.


Nabsj said...

Couldn't agree more, nothing feels as good as praying jama3a in the mosque and dedicating few hours for Allah wouldn't kill you! Thanks for reminding!

Mazin said...

Totally agree with you
I'm at the mosque, I open the door for an old man, and he doesn't even take the time to look at me! haha, while a 20 year old guy thanked me, Aren't older people nicer than 'Awlad Hathal Jeel'? ;p
- HeaVenlySerpent.