[Dishes] Chicken Tikka Masala

Hello all, this has been such a long summer. I finished school and I'm still waiting for uni to start. I spent most of my time watching tv shows instead of reading. I also started learning how to cook so I won't starve when I live abroad :P In the next series of posts, I'll post my amateur attempts at cooking. I love looking for a new recipe everyday, then watch it on YouTube and try to come up with something edible and presentable.

Here's my recent dish, Chicken Tikka Masala. 

Now, this was a fun and easy thing to do. Simple steps to perfect it; seasoning the chicken breasts well then grilling them so that the chicken pieces are tender and finally, working on thickening the masala sauce. You could easily use the basic seasoning of salt and pepper and the other ingredients mentioned in the recipe but I think using a masala curry mix which comes in boxes will do the trick. Most important part, my parents totally loved it.


Shahd said...

Mashallah 3laaaichhh tht looks yummy

Unknown said...

It really looks delicious *.*