How Long?

Sitting on the floor yesterday, next to the pile of the tossed-away books that I intentionally hid for the past two months to retrieve the piece of paper with the list of summer assignments made the fact that school's about to start dawn on me.

Besides the scary idea of starting my final year, I generally dread going to school.. The load of work, worries and drama are things I avoid thinking about during summer break.. For how long though?

I gotta get my head straight, kiss the days of sitting-and-thinking-about-nothing goodbye and just enjoy what's left of it for now.


Maha said...

Well, I am a student too entering grade 11 so I kinda understand what you're talking about. Just wind down because as you have already mentioned it is your final year and afterwards, you will get to do what you wish for in life. I read some of your stuff and your writing is really good :)