"Live It Up" Album Review

If you're one of my Twitter followers, I apologise in advance for I have spammed your Timeline with my obsessive tweets over @LeeDeWyze and his songs. So here's my comments on his album "Live It Up"

The first song I heard in this album and fell head over heels for is “Beautiful Like You” The lyrics are so catchy, the beats are absolutely amazing and his vocals in this song are so beautiful. It reminded me why I’ve been rooting for him in American Idol since day one.

My next favourite song is “Me & My Jealousy”, the lyrics are great too and the idea of the only company that is left is just yourself and your jealousy is quite haunting. The chorus however didn’t appeal to me that much. It goes off to a higher pitch after a calming beginning and ending. I think the arrangement is somehow messed up but that aside, I really adore this one too.

Third in line is “Only Dreaming” a bonus track in the album. The composed beats of this song gives off soothing vibes and the lyrics are nice. Lee’s voice here couldn’t have been more stunning. Listen to it here.

Next up is “Live It Up” which reminds me a lot of Jason Mraz’s style of singing and that’s probably the only reason why I like it. Listen to it here.

The last one which I totally hate is "Sweet Serendipity” It’s not what Lee’s used to sing and I have no idea what he was thinking when he recorded it. Such a turn off.


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seeewaiziiiiii :p